• Coach - CF level 1 Trainer


I have always been into fitness and staying active. I played travel lacrosse in high school and always enjoyed competition. I take pride in trusting the process in any sport or fitness that I am involved in.

My first CrossFit class was unnerving. There was gym equipment everywhere and I had no idea what it was all for. The workout of the day happened and that was alI I needed to be a CrossFit enthusiast. CrossFit is a humbling sport and I enjoy that part of it. When I stay humble it keeps me focused. I stay focused on training and trusting the process.

I joined Ocean Athletics in 2016 and have to say I love everything about it. The community is great. There are so many people that I have met that are now my friends. The programming is challenging and always makes you want to train harder. All of the athletes that train at Ocean Athletics train hard and it reverberates throughout the entire gym. This makes working out more fun to see the person next to you giving their best effort.

I truly enjoy coaching at Ocean Athletics. I enjoy seeing everyone making progress on any movement and motivating them to push themselves to the next level. I remember where I started and where I am now on my CrossFit ability. Coaching our athletes and seeing their progression is an awesome feeling to see them grow on a daily basis.

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