Success Stories from Our Members

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Joining OCF changed my life!
Sams success story
I find myself getting better every day and I have seen nothing but growth.
DARRYLs success story
I found a second home, a routine, health, family and community!
SARAHs success story
In 1 hour, you can learn, challenge yourself, and make yourself healthier.
Marks success story
Joining OA was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.
Johnathans success story
From Day 1 the coaching staff has been 100% committed to my growth!
TONYs success story
OA is my safe place. This is the only place where when I walk in my problems freeze and I only focus on me!
NICOLETTEs success story
The community at OA is amazing - everyone encourages one another and it really is an inviting and motivating environment.
Karens success story
I am the fittest, healthiest, most mentally strong, and happiest I have ever been.
LISAs success story
OA truly feels like a family, a home away from home!
Karens success story

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