"Joining OA was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life."

I have been a member of Ocean Athletics since 2017, at first before I stepped into the gym I was terrified. I knew no one there, I’d never done CrossFit, I was the kind of guy who went to a chain gym and did my own thing and left when I felt like it. From day 1 I have always felt welcome and a part of something more than just a gym.

I chose OA after researching a few gyms and it seemed like the best fit, and I can say it is! Every coach works with you and helps you achieve more than you think possible. They push you in a way to make you feel great about yourself and help get you to the next level, whether it’s 10lbs heavier on a lift or doing a pull up for the first time without any scaling.The facility itself is kept immaculate from the bathrooms, to the floor and the equipment. The owner Ryan strives to keep the gym in tip top shape and it shows. Maintaining all equipment and upgrading when needed.

Joining OA I became part of a community that is like a family. Most of the friends I have today are friends I met at the gym. I surprise myself daily and don’t see myself ever leaving. It’s hard work but also so much fun, and I never thought I’d ever say working out was fun!

Joining OA was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, I love it so much I even tattooed the logo on my arm! If that doesn’t say how great this gym and community is, I’m not sure what does!

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