"Joining OCF changed my life!"

Joining OCF changed my life – I came out of college overweight, unhappy, and with a ton of bad habits.  I couldn’t find a gym that felt like the right fit – one that would kick my butt and push me out of my comfort zone.  As a D1 college athlete, I was used to strength and conditioning and comfortable pushing my body past its limits and I wasn’t getting that at the typical “globo gym.”  At first I was intimidated and nervous to join a CF gym but the moment I stepped foot into OA, everyone was welcoming and after the first workout, I was hooked.  Fast forward now after almost eight years of CF, I’ve gained confidence, new healthy habits, and I also met my husband and some of my best friends through CrossFit.  Now at 35, I’m in the best shape of my life but what’s important is how being physically fit at the gym crosses over to outside of the gym as well.  I’m able to be more active and physically fit when I travel and be overall more healthy in life in general.  At OCF, it’s definitely more than just a workout, it’s being part of a family who motivates and inspires one another both in and out of the gym.  OCF is also diverse and inclusive and  gives back to the local community.  It makes me feel good to be part of a gym that creates an environment where everyone feels welcomed and comfortable, and with kick ass workouts!

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