I have always been active.  I was a swimmer, a golfer, a tennis player and just always liked moving and grooving.  I started working out in college and immediately fell in love w fitness.  Soon after college, I got my personal training certificate and  helping others reach their goals and stay healthy became a passion!  I found CrossFit after having my third child and it changed my life!!  Besides being the most efficient way to workout, It helped me lose the baby weight and taught me so much about what my body was capable of.  I love coaching members to see the same.  Motivating them to push a little harder and seeing the results is the best feeling as a coach!!  I recently became a nutrition coach which has given me another tool to help the members reach their goals!
I started at OA in 2020 and I love working with our amazing community of coaches and members.  When I’m not in the gym, you can find me hanging with my 3 kids at the beach.

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